24 Oct 2018 - Expire pending contacts after 30 days

What's new?

  • Got lots of pending contacts? You can now expire them after 30 days by activating the regulatory setting in your Account > Account settings tab.
  • We've all deleted something we didn't mean to, but it can be a real pain when you delete something like an address book containing thousands of contacts! The recycle bin now has a Recover all option under 'More actions' to reduce that pain, allowing you to recover the bin's entire contents, or all items of a certain type. 
  • Ever wanted to search for accounts as well as users? You can now do this by using the new search tool in the 'Accounts' tab of your team management section
  • In the campaign delivery report overview, instead of having to hover over the chart for percentages, the legend now displays the percentage of contacts who fall into each category
  • We've launched 12 free Christmas-themed campaign templates to choose from. Go check them out!
  • Speaking of Christmas, we've also just announced our Christmas and New Year support hours
  • Plus we've made over 20 bug fixes and performance improvements
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