29 Nov 2018 - Introducing image manager's new editor

Say hello to image manager's new editor!

The image manager's attractive new image editor, launched today, gives you the best in editing, enhancing, and augmenting your images.


It comes with nine key functions:

  • Transform - custom crop your images, or choose from predefined crops, including Facebook-appropriate ones
  • Filters - choose from a huge range of filters to get just the effect and tone you want
  • Adjust - adjust the brightness, saturation and contrast of your images, as well as the ability to apply other refinements
  • Focus - apply the focus effect of your choice
  • Text - apply text to your images, and style it
  • Text Design - choose from a number of text designs to give your text character
  • Stickers - apply any number of emoticon and shape stickers to your images (such as smileys, speech bubbles or arrows)
  • Brush - touch up your images with brush settings
  • Frames - apply a frame around your images
  • Overlays - apply an overlay to your images from a range of choices
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