05 Dec 2018 - Connector enhancements

What's new?

  • We've released dotmailer for Salesforce v2.42, which now supports contact marketing preferences synchronisation from dotmailer into all contacts, leads, and person accounts in Salesforce
  • As from tomorrow, Shopify Plus users will be able to make use of dotmailer in Shopify Flow. Shopify Flow is the ecommerce automation tool from Shopify that lets you easily automate and offload manual tasks and business processes. It allows you to extend its native automation functionalities with some actions and triggers that are added by favourite apps. If one of your Shopify apps offers any Flow triggers or actions, they'll appear in your Flow interface and you can use them. We'll initially offer one action - add a contact to a program.
  • We now provide a 'Status' column in the 'Product recommendations' list - 'Ready', 'Generating...', 'Queued...' and 'Errors'. If a product recommendation has an 'Errors' status, an option is now also available to 'Refresh' it.
  • We've introduced pre-send (for campaigns) and pre-publish (for landing pages) validation checks for product recommendations, to ensure they're ready to use and don't result in blank blocks
  • You're no longer able to create new 'Forward to a friend' links in EasyEditor
  • In the marketing preference popularity reporting chart, we now make the reasons clearer when nothing is displayed - we say it's either because you haven't set any preferences up yet, or no contacts have opted into anything yet
  • Our mail server infrastructure for receiving replies, 'out of office' responses, bounces, etc., now supports both full and opportunistic TLS encryption for data transmission
  • Plus we've made over 30 bug fixes and performance improvements
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