Engagement Cloud for Salesforce - Marketing preferences

Please note

You'll need package v2.42+ installed to be able to synchronise marketing preferences.


Setting up marketing preferences
   » Remove 'New' button
'Marketing Preferences' synchronisation type
Marketing preferences report


Contact marketing preferences can be synced from Engagement Cloud into all contacts, leads, and person accounts in Salesforce.


Preferences only get updated if the contact has been synced previously and is known to the connector. For multiple contacts belonging to the same email address, this means that preference updates only get synced back to the latest synced contact belonging to the email address.

Setting up marketing preferences

To add marketing preferences to the layout of your 'Contacts'/'Leads'/'Person account' page, you'll need to add it as a related list.

In the quick find area, type 'contacts' and then select Page Layouts to display the layout screen.

Click on Edit next to the required page.

Next, select Related Lists.

Opted In Preferences will need to be selected and dragged into the list area at the bottom of the screen.

The suggested 'Selected Fields' are as follows:

  • Name
  • Type
  • Engagement Cloud Account
  • Last Modified Date

Remove 'New' button

Make sure you click on Buttons and untick the New button (because it's not possible at all to add a new preference from here).


Once done, click OK.

Next, select Save just under 'Contact/Lead/Person Account Layout'.

The 'Overwrite Users' Related List Customizations' dialog will display again. Click Yes to make the changes to the application and to confirm the customisation across your users.

'Marketing Preferences' synchronisation type

A new synchronisation type called 'Marketing preferences' will become available from Settings > Sync options > Synchronisation Schedule, where the schedule can be configured, time of the last and next sync can be checked, plus a sync can be forced if required.


Marketing preferences report 

After adding and syncing marketing preferences from Engagement Cloud, you'll also have access to a new report - 'Most Popular Marketing Preferences'. A chart shows a breakdown of your preferences by popularity (up to a maximum of 25 preferences) as they stand at the current time. 


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