09 Jan 2019 - More control over your users, plus 'Create or update contact' action now available with Shopify Flow

What's new?

  • We've provided two new user permissions (found either in 'Your team' > 'Users' in the settings menu if you're a top account owner, or in 'Access' for other account admins) to further restrict your users' access, should you wish to:

    • 'Can create contacts': when disabled for a user, they won't see the 'New contacts' button and thus won't be able to create any new contacts within the platform. This includes not being able to create new SMS contacts in the SMS broadcast tool, or use its 'Send single message' functionality.
    • 'Can use Surveys and Forms': when disabled for a user, they won't see the 'Surveys & forms' option in the left-hand navigation column, and won't be able to access it
  • With Shopify Flow, you now have the action to 'Create or update contact' for a workflow. This uses either an email address, an address book ID, or contact data fields. You can choose to enforce verified double opt-in for new contacts when using this action, plus you can choose to send a resubscribe email if added contacts were previously unsubscribed. This new action is in addition to the one we launched with - adding a contact to a program.
  • We've made sure the ability to resize images is available in the new image editor that we released late last year (29th November). In the 'Transform' function, you can lock the resolution of an image. Then, when changing the pixel value of one dimension, the other dimension will adjust accordingly.
  • The 'Dashboard' option in the top navigation bar in the 'Email' area has now been removed, but it can still be reached by clicking on the app logo
  • We've tweaked the editing of names of campaigns and landing pages in EasyEditor, so the area now takes up less space at the top
  • When using 'Link' to add a link in EasyEditor, you can now add text into 'Link title' to act as alternative text that will display when mousing over the link, plus screen readers will use it (for accessibility)
  • In the segment builder, segment validation is now consistent with validation in the program builder; rather than a validation error message that appears upon saving, the 'Validation' panel now list errors as they occur. Click on 'Validation' to list any errors, and click on a specific error to highlight the affected rule in the builder.
  • When a user queues one or more personalised (predictive) product recommendations whilst one is already in progress, it's now shown with a correct status of 'Queued'
  • We've changed the behaviour of Commerce Flow syncs to run incrementally and concurrently during the day, so new data becomes available every five minutes
  • Plus we've made around 20 bug fixes and performance improvements
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