16 Jan 2019 - Welcome to Engagement Cloud

What's new?

  • We're delighted to announce today's rebranding of the app to Engagement Cloud (as we first announced we'd be doing in November 2018). Don't worry - there's no major new functionality for you to get to grips with. It's still the app you know and love! Yes, you'll certainly find the odd tweak here and there, with a new logo, some new colours, and a new font, for instance.

    dotdigital_engagement_cloud_logo.pngAnother change is that what used to be the 'dashboard' has become the redesigned springboard, making it even easier to create something new or pick up where you left off (accessed by clicking the app logo).

    Furthermore, you can quickly access your profile by clicking on your initials in the top right corner of the app. A side panel slides in, and from here you can check your key details and edit them if you wish.

    However, the rebranding and renaming of the platform now more accurately reflects its increasing capabilities over the years. We're all about omnichannel customer engagement, and 'Engagement Cloud' communicates this offering. 

    Read the full story behind the dotdigital rebrand.
  • In accordance with the above, we've also rebranded our Magento 2, Salesforce, Dynamics, Shopify and BigCommerce connectors
  • There's no longer a limit on the amount of program enrolments an account can create per hour via the API; previously it was 20 per hour but this is no more
  • Due to lack of use, we've removed the 'Select all contacts' option from the 'Select contacts and schedule campaign' page
  • We've made segment validation messages friendlier than they previously had been
  • System email notifications now include the account name (email address of the account owner) for which the notification is applicable
  • Plus we've made over 20 bug fixes and performance improvements
View the dotmailer roadmap to see what we're currently working on, and what's coming up »
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    It does not make sense to remove the "select all contacts" because now there is no way to select all contacts including those not associated with an address book. Please add this back as we do have many clients using it!

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    Hi. Thanks for your feedback. You can instead create a simple segment that uses a 'Data fields' rule, and this should say that the 'Email' contact data field mustn't be empty. This will get all of your contacts for you, and then save this segment to ensure it's always available for you from the 'Segments' tab in the 'Select contacts and schedule campaign' screen.

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    That is not ideal. I don't see why the option was removed in the first place. Now our clients have to jump through extra steps just to select all contacts.

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    Please bring the 'Select all contacts' option back. Why would you introduce extra steps when not necessary...

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    We’re sorry to hear we removed a feature you liked using. We’re continuously reviewing feature usage and sometimes it can be hard to make a decision that works for everyone. In this case, we found that the ‘Select all contacts’ option was used by very few customers and was flagged as a concern by many (it was considered too easy to message all contacts). In addition to this, we felt this change serves to more accurately reflect an age where personalisation and segmentation have become so central to marketing strategy.

    You can still create a segment that includes all contacts and send to them this way. We just no longer provide it as a headlining checkbox. I hope our reasoning makes sense. If you have any further thoughts or queries concerning this though, please let us know.

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    That creates a lot more work. As an agency, now we've had many requests to add back the "all contacts" option... and this has added work for us because we are the one having to now create the segment "email is not empty" in our clients account.

    In the past, when choosing "All contacts" a message would pop up to confirm they want to send to all contacts. This made sense. I've already had over 20 clients complain about the removal of "all contacts' (And we've since had to create segments for these clients or tell explain to them how to create a segment that pulls all contacts - plus the fact that they would have to "refresh on send")... so your concern about the "option was used by very few customers" is not accurate.

    Please reconsider this and add some kind of option back for this... or preset a segment for all clients that pull all contacts automatically without having to refresh. This is added work and for agencies and clients that is not needed and could easily be avoided.

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    Thanks very much for this. I've submitted it as a 'Feedback and ideas' suggestion to our roadmap, where it will come under review from our product team.