16 Jan 2019 - Engagement Cloud for Magento 2 v.3.1.0 release: 'dotmailer' has become 'dotdigital Engagement Cloud', plus other improvements and fixes

You can now get the latest version of Engagement Cloud for Magento 2. Changes include:


  • 'dotmailer' has been renamed to 'dotdigital Engagement Cloud' (see why we've changed to 'dotdigital Engagement Cloud')
  • We've added some MTFT tests to cover marketing preferences functionality
  • We now correctly escape the iframe URL of the Engagement Cloud page (formerly Automation studio)
  • We've added a way to automatically copy the dynamic content URLs in one click


  • The 'Newsletter Subscriptions' menu item in the customer's account dashboard wasn't appearing as selected when navigating to this page; it does now
  • Email addresses containing the '+' sign weren't being captured properly by the guest abandoned cart process; this has been fixed
  • Restricted IPs are now properly challenged when using the 'Coupon Codes' dynamic content
  • We've fixed an issue which caused the custom 'from' address (CFA) from the Engagement Cloud to be wrongly used for all email templates when at least one template was mapped
  • We've removed another instance of the legacy serializer class property that was removed in 3.0.3
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