30 Jan 2019 - Springboard enhancements, plus new Shopify Flow action added

What's new?

  • When we launched the springboard (this used to be the old 'dashboard') two weeks ago, you could spring into a few key actions directly from it, and we've now added some more for you:
    • create a new survey
    • create a new landing page
    • create a new SMS campaign
    • upload SMS contacts

  • We've introduced a third-party tracking feature, enabling you to add third-party tracking code - such as for Return Path or 250ok - to all of your campaigns. This can be done in the 'Third-party tracking' section, found by navigating to 'Campaigns' > 'Advanced features' > 'Site & ROI tracking' (scroll to the very foot of the page).
  • With Shopify Flow, you now have the action to 'Send transactional email' for a workflow. This uses an email address, a triggered campaign and optionally personalisation values. This new action is in addition to the ones launched in December and early January - adding a contact to a program, and creating/updating a contact.
  • For product recommendations, we've reduced the Insight data schema requirements for order and product collections
  • We've reintroduced the visibility of a campaign's name during all steps of the campaign creation and sending process, thanks to your feedback. We appreciate its previous removal had impacted upon some users' established pre-send approval processes.
  • Deleting secondary accounts from the 'Team management' area is now quicker 
  • We've tidied up our UI text when you're creating new channel profiles in the 'Channel management' area
  • The Zapier app has been rebranded to Engagement Cloud
  • Plus we've made over 20 bug fixes and performance improvements
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