13 Feb 2019 - User 'lock out' notifications now sent to alert account owners to unlock users

What's new?

  • We now send email notifications to account owners when one of their users (including API, transactional email, and SFTP users) gets locked out of the account, so they can unlock them. The email will let the account owner know which user has been locked out, why locking out can happen, plus it includes a link that goes back to the app so they can unlock the user. If the account owner's able to identify the reason for the locking out (for instance, knowing that an incorrect password was entered more than five times) then we recommend going ahead with the unlocking. Otherwise, if the reason can't be identified, we recommend contacting the support team. It's important to note that users may remain locked for up to five minutes after they're unlocked. Furthermore, locked users can now be identified easily with a 'Locked' status in user lists.
  • Adding secondary accounts in the 'Team management' area is now quicker 
  • We've ensured consistency when we refer to 'plain text' in the app, and avoid variants of it
  • Plus we've made over 20 bug fixes and performance improvements
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