Unlock a user

Learn how to unlock a locked user in your account.


If you're an account owner or admin user (a user with the 'Can manage account' permission), you'll be sent an email notification whenever a user gets locked out of your account, so you know to unlock them. These notifications are sent for:

  • standard app users
  • API users
  • transactional email users
  • SFTP users  

The email lets you know which user has been locked out, plus includes a link that goes back to the app so you can unlock the user.


Unlocking a user

Ideally, these notifications will alert an account owner or admin user to the need to unlock a user. Alternatively, user lists can be checked at any time for statuses that are set to 'Locked'. 


To unlock a user:

  1. Find them in the appropriate user list (accessed via either Your team or Access in the settings menu) and click on the Edit pencil icon next to them
  2. On the Manage users page, you'll be informed that your user has been locked for security reasons due to unusual activity. If you're able to identify the reason for the user being locked out (for instance, knowing that an incorrect password was entered more than five times) then click Unlock. If you're unable to identify the reason, we recommend that you contact our support team for further assistance.

Please note

Users may remain locked for up to five minutes after they're unlocked.
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