Program messaging channel: MailshotMaker


In partnership with Royal Mail, the MailshotMaker channel can be used in programs to automate sending mail, such as postcards, letters and sealed mailers, to UK-based contacts.

This enables you to create professional direct marketing materials to engage your contacts.

Start by creating a MailshotMaker account, if you haven't done so already. Please make sure your MailshotMaker account has all the required billing and organisational details filled. You'll then be able to create a MailshotMaker channel profile. From there, you'll be able to drag and drop a MailshotMaker node into your programs that will then automatically deliver campaigns by post when reached by contacts.


Creating a MailshotMaker channel profile

To create your MailshotMaker channel profile, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Channel management.

  2. Click MailshotMaker, under the Channel column. 

  3. Click New profile.

  4. Click Log in to MailshotMaker.

  5. Log into your MailshotMaker account by entering your username and password; click Login when completed.
  6. You will be taken to a page where you can name your new profile (this field is required), choose a different MailshotMaker account to add to your channel, and change the status. You are also required to map the following contact data fields: first name, last name, postcode, and address line 1. If you're new to contact data fields and want more information, check out this article.
  7. Once the four data mapping fields have been assigned, click Save.
  8. The channel been created! You will then be taken to an overview of your MailshotMaker channel. Here you will see 'Profile name', 'Contacts synced in the last 7 days', and 'Status' columns.

Using the MailshotMaker node in a program

The place where you add the MailshotMaker node into a program is the point where contacts will be automatically added to the selected design.

To create and configure a MailshotMaker node, follow these steps:

  1. Drag and drop the MailshotMaker node into your program and then click on it to configure the node's action.

  2. The configuration panel will slide in from the right.

    MSM_configuration_pannel.pngClick on Select a design to select the campaign that will be sent to your contacts when they reach this node (you will have created it already in your MailshotMaker account for it to appear on this list).

At this point, your MailshotMaker node is ready and waiting for when you activate your program.

Once your program's activated and contacts reach this node, you'll be able to see how many contacts have passed through it and have been added to the selected design.


Contacts will continue to the next node as normal. 

Viewing usage statistics for a MailshotMaker profile

The MailshotMaker channel page (accessed from your account settings by clicking on Channel management > MailshotMaker) lists your account profile and will show you how many contacts have been synced in the last 7 days for the profile.

A note on usage statistics

  • Usage statistics are stored for 30 days.


To drill down into more detail, click on the figure under 'Contacts synced in the last 7 days'. This will additionally tell you the date of the sync, the total number of contacts who failed to sync, and any specific warning messages received.

You can filter by contacts successfully synced, failed contacts, and warnings; you can also adjust the date range.

To view a searchable list of synced contacts and the time at which they joined your audience list, click on the 'Contacts synced' statistic. The 'Contacts' panel will slide in from the right.


Deleting or disabling a MailshotMaker profile

Please note (before deleting or disabling a profile)

  • You can't delete or disable a profile that's in use in an active program.
  • Deleting a profile deletes all usage statistics for that profile.
  • Disabling a profile stops users from selecting the profile in a MailshotMaker node until you enable the profile again.

To delete a MailshotMaker profile:

  1. From your account settings (person-and-cog icon on the bottom left corner), go to Channel management > MailshotMaker.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the name of the profile you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete.

To disable a MailshotMaker profile:

  1. From your account settings, go to Channel management > MailshotMaker.
  2. Click the name of the profile you want to disable.
  3. Select Disabled next to the 'Status' field.
  4. Click Save.
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    Is there something available like this for the US?

  • Avatar

    Hi there, Missy

    Thank you for your question.

    At the present time, this feature is only available to users in the UK. I have contacted a project manager, and they've informed me that this feature was available at one point for the US, but was removed due to it not being very popular. However, they may make it available again in the future, but that hasn't been confirmed. As a side note, you can check out what's up and coming by visiting our handy Engagement Cloud roadmap

    I hope this has provided you with some insight. :-)

    Edited by Jamie Nickerson
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    If a contact passes through the MailshotMaker node, is a mailshot automatically triggered to that contact on the date they pass through the node? Or is their data simply synced to MM, and there additional steps to take via MailshotMaker before the design is sent?

  • Avatar

    Hi there, Gabrielle

    Thanks for your question.

    A MailShot campaign is triggered on the date the contact passes through the node.

    Hope this helped to clarify your question!