13 March 2019 - 19one: Increased flexibility with your product recommendations, and a whole lot more!

Do more with your customer data with 19one

19one has arrived to help you make the most of your data and deliver relevant and engaging journeys.

Product recommendations

We're delighted to introduce several new features to our product recommendations offering:

  • Best nextBest next is a predictive recommendation type, joining our existing, renamed predictive recommendation type Lookalikes (previously called 'Content-based filtering'). Whereas Lookalikes uses a type of machine learning called content-based filtering to find products with similar attributes, Best next uses a type of machine learning called collaborative filtering to find similar shoppers. Similar shoppers' behaviour helps find recommendations.
  • Custom category: The custom category recommendation type doesn't use extra data (such as orders or page views) to find products. Products are selected using only the filters you define, such as name, price, and any other information held in your product catalogue or gained by product data enrichment.
  • Onsite product recommendations: Beyond email and landing pages, you're now able to apply your product recommendations to any page on your website by adding a simple piece of code generated within the platform.



Segment templates

Segmenting and targeting your audience effectively can lead to extremely powerful results. Our segment builder has always been there to help you achieve this. However, it may be the case that you need some inspiration to get going. And now we're happy to provide it! When creating a new segment, you can choose from 10 predefined segment templates, available in the following categories:

  • Get started
  • Permission
  • Re-engage
  • List hygiene

Templates include such examples as 'All contacts with phone numbers', 'Contacts with unknown opt-in status', 'Email non-openers, last 6 months', and 'Not contacted for a year'.


You can use them just as they are, or edit them further to meet your specific requirements. Regardless, they'll give you that extra support in achieving your desired goal.

And watch out for additional templates that we'll be adding in future.

Segment on SMS replies

With SMS marketing becoming ever more sophisticated, it's important that you have the tools to match it. Therefore we've introduced the ability to segment on contacts who've replied to an SMS you've sent. Further to this, you can also segment on the specific content in the reply.


You can leverage this in a program, for instance, to:

  • Send intelligent auto-responses
  • Retarget segments of SMS contacts via other channels based on the content of responses

Please note that segmenting on SMS replies doesn't apply to broadcast SMS.

Read more about segmenting upon SMS replies.

Targeted blocks for landing pages

You've got an amazing landing page for your not-to-be-missed offer, which is great. However, what's the solution if a visitor visits the page just after the offer expires, or if the offer doesn't apply in the country they're in? That can be infuriating!

The good news is that we now provide time-targeted and geo-targeted landing page blocks to tackle this.


Drag in, drop and configure a 'Time target' block so its content will only be visible from a certain date and time, and/or until a certain date and time.

Drag in, drop and configure a 'Geo target' block so its content will only be visible based on their location being within a selected area on a map. This block uses GPS location, falling back to wifi if GPS is unavailable, and lastly uses IP address if neither GPS or wifi are available.

Read more about 'Time target' and 'Geo target' landing page blocks.

Team collaboration

If you're using the platform as part of a team that regularly collaborates on projects, then it's important to have clear visibility of who last made a change to something in the account.

Every user in a team has a profile with an icon, and it's used throughout the platform - such as in campaign, SMS, program, address book and landing page lists - to indicate who last modified an item.


We've also now made sure profiles can be personalised by uploading a photo, as well as being able to add a job title and location.

Read more about team collaboration.

Get an account's contact count via the API

A new API operation/method has been introduced in order to retrieve an account's total contact count (the number of contacts in the 'All contacts' address book):



Engagement Cloud for Magento v3.2.0 release: Omnichannel abandoned cart series

The latest release of Engagement Cloud for Magento 2 is now available, in which you're able to send even more sophisticated abandoned cart series. We've introduced the ability to enrol contacts into an omnichannel abandoned cart program in Engagement Cloud (making use of CartInsight data).


  • Abandoned carts can now trigger automation program enrolments in Engagement Cloud, in addition to regular campaign sends
  • All abandoned cart flows will now send CartInsight data in advance, to enable use of the abandoned cart block in Engagement Cloud email templates
  • We've made a number of improvements to our catalog sync. The sync has been refactored for speed and efficiency, products of all types now show correct prices, and product URLs are now presented with the correct rewrite rules.
  • We resolved a limitation of the Engagement Cloud API that restricted campaign option lists to 1000 campaigns
  • We ensure that re-subscribing subscribers are mapped to the appropriate address book, if one has been set
  • Products presented on the dynamic content page for abandoned carts will now show images that match the customer's original selection
  • We've shipped a new console command that populates SQL tables for this extension, to be used when enabling the module in an established Magento installation


  • Remote deep-links to saved baskets now resolve correctly after customer login
  • Stock figures will now be accurate for synced products
  • We've fixed a small regression where campaign option lists were displaying campaigns from the wrong account scope
  • We've optimised and strengthened some key security points

Engagement Cloud for Magento v6.4.12 release

The latest release of Engagement Cloud for Magento is now available.

Other improvements

  • The latest translation updates for the application interface have been implemented
  • Advanced personalisation now gets automatically enabled when connecting a store to Engagement Cloud via Commerce Flow
  • In the program builder, there's an improved description for the 'No scheduled enrolment' option in the 'Start' node
  • In the last 'Last modified by' column, it's now made clear when a member of staff last edited an item
  • Plus we've made over 20 bug fixes and performance improvements
View the Engagement Cloud roadmap to see what we're currently working on, and what's coming up »
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