10 April 2019 - Improvements to segment templates, predictive product recommendations, and more

What's new?

  • Segment templates that use Insight data collections have become a bit more helpful. For example, if a user doesn't have the required Insight data collection, a sample is now used to show what could be possible when the required Insight data collection is available. Also, if the Insight data collection is in the wrong format, a validation error will occur and suggest a re-build of the rule.
  • We've enhanced our predictive product recommendations capabilities so they include fallback recommendations 
  • We've revised our currencies to ensure the formatting appears correct in product recommendation blocks, and have made a fix so buttons now align properly, no matter how lengthy a product's name is 
  • The Engagement Cloud password reset email has been edited so the content is more accurate
  • To avoid confusion, the 'Template' column has been renamed to 'Onsite' in the 'Product recommendations' area
  • Plus we've made over 20 bug fixes and performance improvements
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