24 April 2019 - Engagement Cloud for Magento 2 v.3.2.1 release: A wording clarification and some other fixes

You can now get the latest version of Engagement Cloud for Magento 2. Changes include:


  • We've clarified the wording beneath the field 'Delay Period (Days)' in ENGAGEMENT CLOUD > Automation > Review Settings


  • We've fixed a problem with scheduled campaign sends, arising from campaigns stuck in a 'Processing' state on Engagement Cloud. In such cases, we now expire campaigns that have been 'Processing' for longer than two hours.
  • In the settings under ENGAGEMENT CLOUD > Configuration > Transactional Data, we now show all existing order statuses in the select box for 'Import Order with Status', rather than a subset
  • We've resolved a problem with special characters not displaying correctly in some transactional email sends
  • We've fixed a bug affecting upgrades from older versions of the module to version 3.2.0
  • The grand total for an abandoned cart - accessed via a dynamic content page - will now be visible at all screen widths
  • Subscriber data now includes an accurate website_id when migrated using the console command
  • We've removed the stockStateInterface field from synced catalog data
  • We've tidied up the layout of the Feefo Feedback Engine fieldset
  • We've added the option to use a specific transactional email template for 'Reset Password' emails
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