5 June 2019 - Engagement Cloud for Magento 2 v.3.2.2 release: Merchants can exit customers from abandoned cart programs, and we've updated dynamic content endpoints, along with a few other fixes

You can now get the latest version of Engagement Cloud for Magento 2. Changes include:


  • When an order is placed following a cart abandonment, we now send a ‘cartPhase’ flag to Engagement Cloud to enable merchants to exit customers from an abandoned cart program
  • To prevent connector syncs overwriting opt-in status data set in Engagement Cloud, we now only send opt-in status data if Configuration > Customers > Newsletter > Subscription Options > Need to Confirm is set to ‘Yes’ and the subscriber is marked as confirmed in newsletter_subscriber
  • We've updated dynamic content endpoints to ensure that, if a child product is missing an image, we use its parent's image instead
  • We've improved the coverage of catalog sync by allowing selected custom attributes to be included in the synced data
  • We are now cleaning any custom transactional data keys prior to import, removing invalid (non-alphanumeric) characters, but not skipping records, as was previously occurring
  • The class structure relating to the importer sync has been tidied up, and is now consistent with other ‘sync’ models
  • We’ve improved security by validating the Engagement Cloud API endpoint value prior to storage
  • The abandoned cart sync can now be run via the dotdigital:sync console command
  • Some legacy configuration code has been removed
  • We’ve renamed some of our observers for clarity


  • In some situations the 'Automation settings' page was not rendering correctly owing to the type of data retrieved from the API; this has been resolved
  • Product data imported as CSV via the System > Import tool will now be added to the email_catalog table and synced in due course
  • We’ve fixed a bug that could affect customers resubscribing via Magento; they can now not be accidentally unsubscribed again in a subsequent sync
  • If a contact is already subscribed in Engagement Cloud, and a Subscriber_Resubscribe job is sent for them, we now mark the job with ‘Contact is already subscribed’ as opposed to marking it as failed with the 'Error Unknown' message
  • We’ve repaired some invalid HTML on the 'Developer settings' page
  • Access control for the abandoned carts report is now consistent with other module-specific views
  • Before the second and third campaign runs in an abandoned cart series, we will now re-confirm that the original quote is still active
  • We’ve fixed an error on the customer preferences page in Magento 2.1
  • We’ve fixed an error with the catalog sync in Magento 2.1
  • We’ve fixed an incorrect node name in the crontab.xml file
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