3 July 2019 - New color palette for reporting areas, new permission for broadcast SMS access, plus other great improvements

What's new?

  • We're launching a new color palette in all reporting areas, such as: campaign reports, survey reports, transactional email reporting, and the springboard. This change is occurring for two main reasons: to make the application more accessible for color-blind users, and to make visual information more distinct. Any future updates made to the reporting features will benefit from this change. For more information about this update, please click here
  • A new permission has arrived in the 'Default permissions' area. It can be accessed by opening the settings menu in the bottom left corner of the springboard, then by going to Settings > Your teamUsers > Edit > Default permissions. If you're an account owner, you'll be able to select a 'Yes' or 'No' radio button to enable an account user's access to the broadcast SMS functionality.
  • In Commerce Flow, we've added new fields to sync on orders/products and updated the way we sync 'created_at'. The new fields that we now sync on orders includes tags, fulfillment_status, and payment_status. We've also updated how we set the value of 'created_at' on orders so that, if the order has a 'processed_at' date, we use this, and alternatively we will then use its 'created_at' date. 'Processed_at' is when the order was processed and can differ from 'created_at', if the order is imported from one store to another.
  • In Salesforce Commerce Cloud, if a product isn't available to view or isn't for sale, this will show by updating the product's status to not visible or out of stock
  • Double opt-in email challenges will be sent, should your contacts be resubscribed via an applicable API method. These emails are now sent from all resubscribe API methods when double opt-in setting of account is set to default value. Behavior of the resubscribe challenge emails hasn't been changed.
  • Plus we've made around 30 bug fixes and performance improvements


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