Forms - Section logic (branching)


Section logic is a way to make "pages" of your forms appear only for respondents who have answered in a certain way to previous questions. This allows you to create branching forms. 

Instead of traditional branching, section logic uses something called pre-conditions. This means a section will decide for itself whether or not it should appear. This approach gives all the benefits of normal branching, whilst also allowing for much more complex multi-level decisions which would not scale otherwise.

Key points

  • Section logic requires the section block;
  • A section has a default visibility: show or hide;
  • Rules can be added to a section that can override the default visibility;
  • Rules to show/hide a section can target form inputs in any previous section;
  • The first and last sections cannot have section logic.

Creating section logic

Click the cog menu of the section.

Switch section logic to "Yes" and choose a default visibility for the section.


Click the button beneath labelled either "Show section when..." or "Hide section when...".

The following sidepanel allows you to name your action then click to setup rules.


The final sidepanel allows you to setup rules to target form inputs in any previous section.

When you have created your rule, click apply to dismiss any remaining sidepanels and return to your form. 

Forms can continue an unlimited number of rules, allowing you to create complex multistage branching surveys.

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