Autosave incomplete forms so your contacts can return later

Learn how autosave can help your contacts pick up where they left off on an incomplete form.


Autosave lets your contacts take their time filling in a form. If they complete part of it, they can return later to finish it off.

For autosave to work, the contact must be using the same device and browser.

How partial completion works

We store partially completed forms on the local storage of a user's browser. This lets the customer complete your form in their own time, while also protecting their privacy.

Partial completion data is not stored in your account. 


Local storage is a feature of modern web browsers. From a legal perspective, it is considered to be under the same law as cookies.   

Turn on autosave for your forms

To turn on autosave for your forms:

  1. On the form editor, expand the Form options drop-down menu and select Settings.
  2. On Form settings, for Autosave, select Yes.
  3. Select Apply.
  4. Select Save to save your form.

That's it. You can now publish your form in the normal way. 

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