31 July 2019 - 19two: Commerce intelligence, pages and forms in EasyEditor, improved SMS functionality, and more!

Presenting 19two!

19two has arrived to help you make the most of your data and deliver relevant and engaging journeys.

Commerce intelligence

Commerce intelligence will give you more insight into how your contacts are purchasing products. In 19two, we've introduced tools that will help you to better understand and aid a customer's purchase life cycle, with the help of:

  • A customer dashboard: Provides a tree map visualization of customer's purchase history ('Active', 'Lapsing', 'Inactive') that's grouped by RFM personas ('Recent', 'Loyal', 'Champions', 'Need nurturing', 'High potential', 'Inactive')
  • A retailer dashboard: Dubbed the 'heartbeat of an ecommerce business', the retailer dashboard shows three reporting dimensions ('Money', 'Orders', 'Customers'), each represented as a row of tiles showing related metrics ('Revenue', 'AOV', 'CLV', 'Total orders', 'Avg. items per order', 'Avg. delays (days)', 'Customers', 'Single purchase customers', and 'Repeat customers')
  • Multi-currency support: You now have the ability to set a 'Business base currency' that instantly calculates and applies exchange rates to your reports
  • An addition of an 'Ecommerce' area: Located in the left-hand navigation bar, distinguished by a shopping cart icon, the 'Ecommerce' area offers new dashboards (retailer and customer), store settings (including new currency settings), and the relocation of existing features, such as product recommendations and its reports, among other existing features that will slowly be moved over to this area

'Also bought' product recommendation

'Also bought' is a personalised recommendation that shows a contact the most popular products that other people also bought, in relation to their last order. This feature can then be applied to email campaigns (available in simple and detailed views) and can be embedded into a web page (via Onsite).

Pages and forms

In EasyEditor, we have merged surveys and forms with landing pages, therefore allowing you to create forms that contain powerful tools, such as branching. Now you have more control than ever over design! This also includes the addition of new blocks, such as a progress indicator, and the ability to send confirmation emails to more than one person. 

Please note that this feature will be rolling out over the course of today.

Improvements to the broadcast SMS area

To help make broadcast SMS campaigns more engaging, we've introduced several new features and improvements to the broadcast SMS area, such as:

  • Ability to shorten and track links
  • A new final send area that summarises the campaign
  • New Unsent, Outbox, and Sent tabs 
  • Unicode warnings to help reduce over-spend
  • Addition of a campaign search bar to allow users the convenience of searching through all your campaigns at one time
  • The ability to upload suppressions and cancel an SMS campaign up until the time of send
  • Plus other great features, which can be found and are explained in more detail in this article

Commerce Flow improvements

For 19two, we now automatically sync guest data and guest orders for BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, as this wasn't the case before. We've also added abandoned cart functionality for our WooCommerce integration.

CRM improvements

New additions have been introduced to CRM to assist with synchronisation processes. In Microsoft Dynamics, we've:

  • Added a new 'Interval' and 'Synchronisation Window' columns, thus allowing you to select desired synchronisation frequencies
  • Included a Synchronisation Audit tab, which enables you the ability to see the status of your data synchronisations

In Salesforce, we've:

  • Added the ability for you to enable and use two-way synchronisation for marketing preferences, meaning Salesforce and Engagement Cloud can now sync marketing preferences back and forth with ease

Introducing enhanced address book permissions

The 'Users allowed to send to this address book' permission allows account owners to have more control over users and what address book they can send to.

The ability to segment on email replies

19two has also enabled the ability for you to segment on email replies. This new segmentation block will allow you to improve your engagement and marketing strategies by offering a new way to gather engagement metrics and to add new node features to your programs.

Bug fixes and other product improvements

Finally, we've made over 50 other bug fixes and product improvements.

View the Engagement Cloud roadmap to see what we're currently working on, and what's coming up »
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