14 August 2019 - Movement of 'Product recommendations' area, new reporting column for SMS campaigns, plus other great features!

What's new?

  • Product recommendations have a new home. Rather than going to the 'Campaigns' or 'Reporting' areas, you'll now only be able to find the product recommendations builder and reporting under the recently introduced 'Ecommerce' area (signified by the shopping cart icon when you log into Engagement Cloud)
  • Click-to-send rate is now available for SMS. This new addition can be found in the SMS 'Reporting' area next to 'Unique clicks'.
  • Account owners can now control which secondary users have access to the 'Pages and forms' area, as the option now appears in the Default permissions tab, located in the 'Team management' area
  • Plus we've made around 40 bug fixes and performance improvements
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