11 September 2019 - Improvements in Commerce Intelligence dashboards, email campaigns, and Pages and forms!

What’s new

  • You can now search for contacts using non-Latin characters.
Commerce Intelligence dashboards
  • When you're working with your retail dashboards, you can now filter by address book and segment.
  • Dashboards now support Vietnamese dong (VND), Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), Mexican Peso (MXN), and the Egyptian Pound (EGP).
EasyEditor > Product recommendations
  • Product recommendations has even more currencies. We’ve added the Vietnamese dong (VND), Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), Mexican Peso (MXN), and the Egyptian Pound (EGP).
  • The ecommerce section in Engagement Cloud can now be turned off. If you're not using it, there's no need to show it.
Email campaigns
  • We've raised the number of test sends from 200 to 500. Woohoo!
Magento 2 (v.3.4.1)
  • We've improved the consistency of the log messages we output for API connections.
  • It's now possible to remove the /pub folder from synced URLs. Do this in Developer > Import Settings of the admin.
  • You can now configure abandoned cart campaigns for guests at the store level.
Microsoft Dynamics
  • We've built new solution packages for Microsoft Dynamics 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 365. Upgrade yours now.
  • A banner in the Email settings of Microsoft Dynamics 365 now lets you know when it's time to update your solution.
Pages and forms
  • When you're inserting a phone number text field, you can now:
    • Select a default country code that’ll show for your users automatically. 
    • Choose only to accept numbers from your default country code.
  • We’ve retired the Likert scale. Introducing… the opinion scale: map your contact responses to a data field, collect quantitative data, and have more control over the styling of tiles or a sliding scale.
  • You can now remove the reCaptcha from your forms.
  • We've removed all dotdigital branding from the Survey & forms printed reports. It feels good to be humble.
  • We've further minified some of our tracking scripts. This means they should load faster. 

Bug fixes and other improvements

  • Check out the most recent, in-depth updates for Magento 1 and Magento 2.
  • Plus, we've made over 30 other bug fixes and improvements!
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