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Learn how to enable SMS in your account and get started with SMS campaigns.


You can use SMS to send SMS campaigns to contacts or send a single SMS to a contact. You can also add and store SMS contacts separately to any email contacts; you only need a mobile number for each contact.

If you want to personalise your campaigns, you have the option to store more information against your contacts. There’s also a reporting section where you can manage your replies and adjust your SMS settings. This enables you to add respondents to SMS and email address books, and send auto-responder campaigns.

International calling codes

Accounts in all regions can use SMS functionality and send globally. You must use phone numbers that are prefixed by their international calling code. For example, +44 for the UK.

You can access the SMS area by going to the left-side menu in your account and select the SMS icon.

You can try SMS now

To learn more about trialing SMS, check out the Set up SMS on your account article. 

Create an SMS from name

Identity is important for marketing. You can create an SMS from name, so your contacts know where the SMS campaigns are coming from. To do this, check out:

Start sending SMS campaigns

You can start sending SMS campaigns, after you have purchased an SMS number. You can use either an SMS short code or a virtual mobile number. To learn more about these, check out:

Unsubscribe and resubscribe SMS contacts

It’s best practice to allow your contacts to opt-out of your SMS campaigns. Your contacts might also want to start receiving campaigns again after they have opted-out. To learn more about both of these, check out:

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