23 October 2019 - Engagement Cloud for Magento 2 (v4.0.0) release

What’s new

  • Our connector now ships with live chat functionality. Existing clients can enable chat via Engagement Cloud > Chat Settings to start using this new channel.  
  • Merchants can now sync additional campaigns from Engagement Cloud to Magento. This enables merchants to map custom templates to any transactional email in Magento.  
  • We’ve improved the way we set from name and from email values during transactional email sends. All versions of Magento 2, including 2.2.8, now send using the friendly from name that is set in Engagement Cloud and stored in the email_template table.  
  • Sale price and total price figures in cart insight data now include tax, in line with the prices presented in the basket EDC.

Bug fixes

  • We’ve made a small change to our migration scripts to ensure that only wishlists with valid customers are migrated. 
  • We’ve written a workaround to handle duplicate rows in the email_contact_consent table.
  • Products without website IDs now won’t break the catalog sync.
  • We’ve patched a potential cross-site scripting exploit in Marketing > Exclusion Rules.
  • We’ve updated the way we set a refresh token in our OAuth Connect block, in order to fix a Magento integration test. 
  • Subscribers who unsubscribe will now be updated so that their SUBSCRIBER_STATUS data field in Engagement Cloud is set to ‘Unsubscribed’.
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