23 October 2019 - Updates to Engagement Cloud Chat, Insight data, and more

What’s new


  • We've added confirmation messages to Chat – they let you know when you've created, linked, and exported a contact successfully.

Contacts > Advanced features > Insight data

  • Contact insight properties now display in a side-panel.

Magento 1 (v6.4.22)

Magento 2 (v4.0.0)

Pages and forms

  • You can now use a confirmation block in your forms and show a custom message to your users.

Persona movement

  • Create segments on the fly while drilling down on the persona movement Sankey chart.

Product recommendations

  • You can now show the special price of a product in your recommendations.
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    Ah yes! Finally the custom confirmation message. This is great and must-haved upgrade :-)
    However I would be needing something one step further:
    1. A form can be filled in only one time
    2. Form is filled in and confirmation message is shown (thanks, you'll receive the whitepaper asap)
    3. When person comes back to the form or page I want to show a different message e.g. Thank you, but you've already filled in this form. OR show nothing, just a blank page.