Install the Commerce flow bridge for WooCommerce


A connector bridge is a file that’s needed when you work with ecommerce data, if it’s not available through an API. This file bridges the gap between your Dotdigital account and the data hold in the open-source ecommerce platform, such as WooCommerce or Shopware. Connector bridge files are useful because they increase the speed and security of information exchanges. It also uses the minimum amount of data, and performs optimized queries to save your ecommerce platform resources.

Installing your bridge file

To start the installation of your bridge file:

  1. Download the connector bridge zip file by going to Ecommerce > Store in Dotdigital. The page and steps aren’t available until you install our plugin and add it to your store.
  2. Copy and unzip the contents of the file into your website root folder.
  3. Select Test connection to check if the connector bridge works properly.

Your bridge file should now be located in the following directory (WordPress/WooCommerce example):


Testing your connector bridge file

To make sure your connector bridge file is installed correctly, enter http://[YOUR STORE URL]/bridge2cart/bridge.php in your browser address line. If the bridge file is working correctly, the following message should appear:

Version: xx

If you don’t see the above message:

  • Set the permission as 644 or 666 for bridge.php, depending on your server configuration.
  • Set the permission to 755 or 777 for /bridge2cart folder, depending on your server configuration.
  • Turn off your website redirects so the connection bridge file functions properly.
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