Sharing pages and forms


After you design and publish your page or form, you can share it by a URL, Twitter, embedding it on your website, or as a pop-over.

Sharing with URL

To share the URL for your page or form, go to Published page > Copy link, then paste it wherever it’s needed.

Sharing on Twitter

To share your page or form by Twitter:

  1. Select Published page.
  2. Select Share on Twitter.
  3. Complete the boxes in the Post a Tweet on Twitter modal.
  4. Select Log In and Tweet.

Sharing on a Website

To share your page or form on your website, go to Published page > Generate embed code. In the Publish panel, select Copy the code and paste it into the back end of your website.

Share as a Pop-over

To share your page or form as a pop-over:

  1. Go to Published page > Generate pop-over code.
  2. Set your preferences in the Generate pop-over code panel:
    • Show after: The amount of seconds it takes for the pop-over to appear for a user (up to a maximum of 999 seconds).
    Stop displaying > Only when the form is completed: The pop-over stops appearing once a user completes the form content.
    Stop displaying > After a number of appearances: The pop-over stops displaying once a user sees the page or form content after a specified number of appearances.
     Appearances: The specified number of appearances before the pop-over stops displaying. This field only appears if After a number of appearances is selected (maximum of 999 appearances).
     Mobile display: Check this box if you want your pop-over to appear on mobile devices.
     Dismiss options: Allows a user to press Esc on their keyboard to exit the pop-over.
  3. Copy the contents in the Pop-over code box; your settings save as you change them.
  4. Paste the Pop-over code into the back end of your website.


If the page or form is complete, the pop-over stops displaying for 365 days.
Once the pop-over Appearances number is met, it won’t display for seven days.
Pop-overs use cookies. If a user’s browser or browser extension is set to block cookies, then none of the Stop displaying preferences apply and the pop-over displays by default.
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