Test sending an SMS campaign

Learn to test your SMS campaigns before sending them to your contacts.

Test sending an SMS campaign

The test send function is initiated by clicking the Test send button, which is available in various places within the application. One of them is in the page where you compose and edit your SMS campaigns. It can also be accessed in the Test send column in the 'Unsent' and 'Sent' sections on the SMS dashboard. To do a test send:

  1. Select the Test send button. The 'Test send' side panel slides in. To add a new mobile number to your 'Test' address book, select New test address. Enter the phone number in international format, and then click Create. Please note that you can't add suppressed contacts to your test address book. If you see the 'Errors found' message when trying to add a new address, this is likely to be the reason why.
  2. Select a test number to choose contacts to send to (hold Ctrl to select multiple addresses). You can also search for them by their phone number. ,
  3. Select Test send to confirm the send, once you've made your selections.

Keep it short

If your SMS is longer than 160 standard GSM characters, it costs more to send. Don't get caught out by extra costs. Learn about SMS message length and using Unicode in your messages.

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