Using the SMS outbox

Learn how to use the SMS outbox to cancel or view scheduled campaign send details.


The SMS outbox is where sent campaigns are held while they're sent, or if they're scheduled for sending. Once all the sends are processed, the campaign moves to the Sent area. If you're sending a small campaign, you won't see it in the Outbox area because it's processed quickly.

Using the outbox

To locate your SMS outbox, go to the App menu and select Email Outbox.

View campaign details

The Outbox area has 5 columns:

  • Name
    Shows the name of the campaign.
  • Last modified by
    Hover over the Profile icon to see who last modified the campaign.
  • Summary
    Select the Page icon to see the campaign details, HTML content, plain text content, and contact details.
  • Preview
    Select the Eye icon to preview the campaign.
  • Status
    • Hover over the Alarm clock icon to see the date and time the campaign is scheduled to be sent.
    • Select the Envelope icon to pause, resume, or cancel the campaign send.

Cancel a campaign send

You can cancel a campaign until the time of send. To cancel a campaign send, select the Envelope icon in the Status column, and then select Stop campaign > OK. The campaign is returned to the Unsent area.

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