Using the SMS outbox


The SMS outbox is where sent campaigns sit whilst they're being sent, or if they're scheduled for sending. Once all the sends are processed, the campaign moves to the 'Sent' area. If you're only sending a small campaign, you won't see your campaign on this screen as it will be processed too quickly.

Using the outbox

Cancelling a campaign

Up until the time of send, you can cancel campaigns in the outbox, which sends them back to the 'Unsent' section. If they haven't been sent before, you can edit and rescheduled or send them. If they’ve been sent before, the campaigns return to the 'Sent' area.

Viewing campaign details

The outbox has a column where you can see what date and time the campaign is scheduled to be sent; it also has a summary icon.

If you click on the Summary icon, more information is shown about the send including the ‘From name’ you’re sending from, whether or not the message contains Unicode, the address books you’re sending to, the number of recipients and the estimated credits for the send.

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