15 January 2020 - Improvements to account packages, Commerce Flow, the Facebook Messenger node, and more!

What’s new 

Account packages

  • If you're a customer on an Amplify or Accelerate package, you can now increase your allowances for messages, contacts and data by using top-ups.

Commerce Flow

  • To prevent product flooding in product recommendations, we now recommend the parent product URL (parent_id), instead of the child product URL. 


  • We now support South African rand (ZAR) as a base currency.

Email contacts

  • A more detailed error message appears if a you try to manually add an email contact and the contact is suppressed.

Facebook Messenger

  • Because of policy changes at Facebook, the node in the program builder now has three tags: CONFIRM_EVENT_UPDATE, POST_PURCHASE_UPDATE, and ACCOUNT_UPDATE. One of these tags must be selected for the node to work.

Magento 1 (v6.4.24)

Magento 2 (v4.3.1)

Magento 2 Chat (v1.0.1)

Magento 2 Commerce (v1.0.5)

Order records

  • The source store attribute, source_store, is now visible and shows the name of your store in order records. 

Product recommendations

  • You now have access to a Group products by the select field option; you can group products in the product recommendation builder.


  • You can now send unlimited SMS messages through the API (REST and SOAP). 

Team management

  • We moved the Users tab; it now comes before the Accounts tab. 

Bug fixes and other improvements

  • Plus, we've made over 140 other bug fixes and improvements!
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