Upload a page or form template

Learn to upload a custom template to use with your pages and forms.


If you've got your own page templates, you can upload them to your account and start using them straight away.

Before you start

In your template file, images must be saved in the same folder as your HTML file. Don't use an images folder as this allows the system to reference them correctly upon upload.

Uploading a template

To upload a template:

  1. Go to Pages and forms > Pages and forms > Custom templates.

    If you don't see the upload template option

    • The feature needs turning on. Contact us, and we'll do this for you.
    • You don't have the correct user permissions. Your account owner can grant these to you.
  3. Drag in or use the finder to choose the files you want to upload. You can upload files individually, in multiples, or as a zip file. File sizes must not be more than 15 MB (or 50 MB for zip files).
    Supported file types: .html, .htm, .png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .css and .zip
  4. Select Upload.
  5. To create a page from your template, go to Pages and forms > Pages and forms > Custom templates.

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