Add content to your split test SMS versions

Learn to add content for your split test SMS campaigns.


Once you've set up the split test SMS campaign and decided on how many versions you want, it's your chance to get creative. This article guides you through the process of adding content to your various SMS campaign versions.

Before you start

This article begins from the Content page (SMS > My Campaigns > Edit), this is the second step of sending a split test SMS campaign.

At this point, you should have already understood and completed the following:

Create content for your split test SMS version

To start creating content for your split test SMS campaigns.

  1. If you're not already on it, go to the SMS editor of your campaign.
  2. Select the message version you want to edit. You must edit all versions individually.
    To learn more about using the version selector, check out Working with split test versions.
  3. In the message content box, enter your message content.
  4. Add a link in your message. All split test SMS versions must contain a link.
  5. If you want, add some data fields to your message using the Data fields drop-down menu.
  6. Use the from name drop-down menu to choose a from name for your message. You can use a different from name on each message version.
  7. Repeat this process (from step 2) for other versions of your SMS.
  8. Select Save and continue.
    If you canโ€™t save, check for validation errors.

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