Helping your business through COVID-19

Our team are keeping tabs on the creative and practical ways in which you can keep your business communication running throughout the current troubled times. Business continuity is important, but so are the messages you are sending and their potential effects.

So far, we’ve learnt that audiences are in fact engaging with marketing communications (as demonstrated by doubled open rates) and that many of our customers are reporting success as they take up different channels, so far SMS is proving to be the front-runner when it comes to critical, time-sensitive information.

If you haven't seen them already, here’s a round-up of Covid-19 related content, you may find useful during this crisis, and also as we transition out of it.

What’s more…

It’s likely that there are tons of features available to you in your Dotdigital account that you may not be using right now. We’ve highlighted some quick links below to get you thinking about some of the tools you may be under-utilising.

Making the most of your Dotdigital account

Your Dotdigital account is your one-stop-shop for data management, email, SMS, chat, and reporting.

1. Data acquisition and management

It’s likely you have fewer trade shows to go to (physically at least), and if you’re working from home you’ll get loads of time back that you typically spend commuting. There may be no better time than now to spring clean your data. In order to make sure you’re sending the right content, with the right messages, to the right audiences, data management and data acquisition are as crucial as ever. Here are some articles to help:

2. Send rich and relevant content with email

Email is your go-to channel for rich content with key messages that your contacts can keep to hand, and refer back to. As mentioned above, we’ve seen a huge increase in email engagement, so make the most of it with these tools and tactics:

3. Send critical messages swiftly, with SMS

SMS is the channel for sending headlines, time-sensitive information. Open rates for SMS are unparalleled and you can include links to either provide further information or for data capture. If you’re new to SMS, here’s how to start sending:

4. Give site visitors a window for conversation with chat

If you’re referring customers or prospects to your site from your email, SMS, social media or other online and offline campaigns in this time of crisis, it’s important to give them a quick way to get in touch with you. Get started with these articles:

5. Keep your finger on the pulse and adapt, with reporting

In these strange times, it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on what’s going on with your customers and prospects. As this blog emphasises, it’s likely that, along with their routines, your customers’ online browse, search, and purchase behavior has changed. Keep an eye on this new but temporary normal, and you might identify ways in which to adapt your marketing. You may uncover that a typical new customer today, takes longer to make a second purchase. Or you may find that loyal customer AOV is going down, whilst their purchase frequency is increasing.

Reporting will help you see what’s changed, and more importantly, how you can adapt. Here are some articles to help:

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