Using triggers and actions

Learn what triggers and actions you can use with Power Automate flow in the Microsoft Power Platform.


To automate your workflows, you can enable actions and triggers in Power Automate flow in the Microsoft Power Platform.


Triggers are starting points that are selected by you in a connector which affects your actions. Check out these examples to see how triggers work.

You can use triggers through third-party connectors, as our custom connector doesn’t contain any at this time.


An action happens as a result of a trigger; it’s a response from a triggered event. Check out these examples to see how actions work.

You can use the following actions in the Engagement Cloud Custom Connector:

  • Create an address book
    Creates a new address book in your account.
  • Create a contact
    Creates a new contact in your All contacts address book. You must create a contact in Engagement Cloud first, then select the Engagement Cloud ID in the second node. 
  • Send an email campaign
    Sends an email campaign to a contact.
  • Create a program enrolment
    Creates an automated way for you to enrol a contact into an active program.
  • Send a transactional email using a triggered campaign
    Sends a transactional email by using a triggered campaign.
  • Send an SMS message
    Sends and SMS message to a contact.
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