Sync customer fields from Shopify

Learn about syncing the correct customer fields and data types from Shopify to contact data fields in Engagement Cloud.


The Shopify connector synchronizes standard contact information, billing and shipping information, tags, notes and some calculated order details for all of your Shopify customers. This information is stored against Engagement Cloud contact data fields. Contact data fields must be created manually and then mapped to your Shopify customer fields that are in your Shopify connector settings. It's important for contact data fields in Engagement Cloud to have the correct data type. If the data type is incorrect, the sync fails.

Learn about Shopify customer fields and data types

To make sure you get the customer fields and their data types right, here’s a list of them below:

Customer field Data type
First name Text
Last name Text
Login Text
Created date Date
Phone Text
Note Text
Tags Text
Has account Text
Last order ID Numeric
Orders count Numeric
Total spent Numeric
Billing address 1 Text
Billing address 2 Text
Billing phone Text
Billing fax Text
Billing city Text
Billing postcode Text
Billing state Text
Billing region Text
Billing country Text
Billing company Text
Shipping address 1 Text
Shipping address 2 Text
Shipping phone Text
Shipping fax Text
Shipping city Text
Shipping postcode Text
Shipping state Text
Shipping region Text
Shipping country Text
Shipping company Text

Avoid overwriting similar data fields for different stores during a sync

We recommend creating and mapping different data fields for each of your stores. For example, if you have a UK and a US store, end each data field with the store region to avoid overwriting the wrong data fields during a sync:

  • UK store:
  • US store:

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