Insert a pages and forms link in an SMS campaign

Learn to insert and send a Pages and forms link in your SMS campaigns.


SMS messages have limited characters and styling; one way to get more from your message is by inserting a short link directing your customers to a specific landing page or form created using our Pages and forms tool.

Before you start

You must first create a landing page or form using Pages and forms.

Personalisation isn't supported

You can't use data fields to add personalisation to your pages and forms with SMS. Make sure you remove any data fields before sending.

Insert a Pages and forms link in your SMS campaign

To insert a Pages and forms link in your SMS campaigns:

  1. From the SMS message editor, select Pages and forms link.
  2. From the Link to a page or form side panel, select the page or form you want to add to your SMS message. Once complete, the link to your page or form appears in the editor.
  3. Continue editing your SMS message and send your campaign.

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