Upload SMS contact suppressions

Learn how to upload SMS contact suppressions.


You can suppress multiple contacts in your SMS address books. Doing this removes them from every address book that they're in, including the All contacts address book. You can do this by uploading a file or by doing it manually.

Upload suppressed contacts

You can upload suppressions to your account by file removal or by doing manually entering them.

Using the file removal method

To upload a file of contact suppressions:

  1. Go to SMS > Contacts > Suppressed contacts.
  2. Select New contact suppression, and then File removal.
  3. For Select a file, select Choose file to upload a list of contacts you want to suppress.

    The file must be CSV, TXT, Excel, or ZIP format.
    Max file size is 10 MB.
    The source column containing the phone numbers must be assigned to the destination column, MobileNumber

  4. For Email address to notify, enter an email address so we can let you know when the contact import is complete.
  5. Select Suppress the file from my account

Using the manual method 

To manually upload each of your contact suppressions: 

  1. Go to SMS > Contacts > Suppressed contacts.
  2. Select New contact suppression, and then Manually.
  3. Enter phone numbers you want to suppress into the box.

    Make sure to use international format. For example, +44 7xxx xxxxxx. If you're adding multiple suppressed contacts, each number must be on a separate line.

  4. Select Suppress.

Correctly format your contacts' numbers

All imported suppressed numbers are treated as international; you must include the international country code and remove the leading 0 from the local number. You can prefix the international country code with 00 and +, or leave these out. For example, the country code for the UK is 44. For the mobile number 07700900000, you could import the number as +447700900000, 447700900000 or 00447700900000.

Confirm successful import

To confirm if your import was successful, go to Contacts > Suppressed contacts. You can no longer send these contacts SMS messages.

Resubscribe a contact

SMS users can resubscribe themselves by texting START or UNSTOP; you can't resubscribe them.

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