Troubleshoot and resolve issues caused by the Gmail incident on 15 December, 2020

Google experienced an issue on 15 December, 2020 that affected the dotdigital for Magento integration. You may have seen our updates on our status page.

Google had multiple service issues that caused incorrect hard bounces for Gmail and Googlemail email addresses. This also caused some Gmail and Googlemail contacts to be incorrectly suppressed and hard bounced in your Engagement Cloud account. Once Google fixed and stabilised the issue, we began work to reverse the incorrect hard bounce suppressions in your Engagement Cloud account; this work was completed successfully.

Although we removed the incorrect suppressions for the affected Gmail and Googlemail email addresses in Engagement Cloud, as part of the usual Magento suppression sync functionality, we believe these suppressions might have synced to your Magento store.

Currently, the Magento extension is unable to reverse these suppressions on your behalf, therefore, further actions may be needed to fully resolve this issue and to make sure the integration still operates as expected for your affected contacts.

Find out if your Magento store was affected

It's likely that your store synced some incorrect suppressions if you meet certain criteria:

  • You are using the dotdigital for Magento integration on your Magento 1 or Magento 2 store.
  • You or the dotdigital for Magento extension have been sending emails (one-off or triggered) to customers using Gmail and Googlemail between 22:00 UTC 14th December to 01:00 UTC 15th December and between 19:40 and 00:00 UTC on 15 December, 2020.
  • The Subscriber sync is enabled in your Magento integration:

Assess the impact

Some of your subscribers that use Gmail and Googlemail have been incorrectly marked as Unsubscribed in your Newsletter Subscriber table in Magento, whereas they are subscribed and are part of your Subscriber address book in dotdigital. This means that some of the functionality of the integration won't operate as it should for these contacts, depending on your settings:

  • If the extension is set to not allow non-subscribed contacts to be imported, any new data changes for these contacts won't be synced across to dotdigital.
  • If the extension is set to not allow non-subscribed contacts to receive abandoned campaigns or review requests, these contacts won't be sent these triggered emails.

Remove incorrect suppressions

To remove incorrect suppressions, we have a suggestion for what you or your agency can do while making sure your data remains in sync; Magento doesn’t offer a manual way to do this in the admin area. In Magento 1 or 2, the subscription data is stored in the Newsletter subscriber table and you need to update the data directly in the SQL database. We suggest that you run an SQL query:

  • Select all subscriber records with a Gmail or Googlemail domain.
  • Where status is equal to 3; 3 means Unsubscribed.
  • Where change_status_at date has been updated between 22:00 UTC, 14th December, 2020 to 01:00 UTC, 15th December, 2020 + *X hours and between 19:40 UTC, 15 December, 2020 and 00:00 UTC 15 December, 2020 + *X hours.
  • *X hours depends on your CRON settings. Default suppression syncs run every 15 minutes, but this may be different for your store.

To remove the incorrect suppressions, update the subscription status value of these contacts back to 1; 1 means Subscribed. Once complete, regular customer and subscriber syncs should be back to normal and triggered campaigns should send to these contacts when relevant.


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