Send abandoned cart SMS messages with Magento

Learn how to send SMS messages to remind your customers of their abandoned carts in your Magento store.


Use abandoned cart SMS messages, as part of a triggered abandoned cart program, to automatically send text message reminders to your contacts after they add products to their cart but don't complete the purchase.

You can only send abandoned cart SMS messages to your contacts if you have their mobile phone number.

Our abandoned cart SMS program template helps you quickly get set up and sending SMS abandoned cart messages to your contacts. This article shows you how to configure the program template to fit your needs.
Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • Your store must be on Magento 2
  • Your Magento store must have the @ABANDONED_PROD_NAME@ data field created and mapped.
  • You must have:
    • a Triggered SMS channel profile.
      To learn more, check out the article Program messaging channel: SMS.
    • a triggered email campaign that contains an Abandoned Cart block to show the cart contents and a Back to cart button.
    • a contact data field that contains your contacts' phone numbers.
      In this example, we've called this data field TELEPHONE.

Set up abandoned cart SMS messages with Magento

Abandoned cart SMS is set up using our program builder template. To set up abandoned cart SMS messages in your Magento store:

Step 1: Create a Triggered SMS profile

  1. In Dotdigital, go to Settings > Channel management > Triggered SMS.
  2. Select +New profile.
  3. To name your profile, under the title New profile, select the current name. Enter a new name in the box, then select the green checkmark to save.
  4. Expand the SMS 'from' name drop-down menu, then choose the from name you want to use for this profile.
  5. To match your mobile number data fields, expand the Mobile number data field drop-down menu, and choose the data field you use to store contact's mobile phone numbers.
  6. For Status, select Enabled.
  7. Select Save.

Step 2: Create an abandoned cart program

To create an abandoned cart program:

  1. In Dotdigital, go to Email > Automation > All programs.
  2. On Choose a template, under the heading SMS, select SMS - Abandoned cart.
  3. Enter a name for your program, and choose a location.
  4. Select Continue.

Step 3: The Start node

To set up the start node:

  1. Select the start node.

  2. For Scheduled enrolment, select No scheduled enrolment.
    This is because the abandoned cart trigger is managed outside the program.
  3. Select Apply.

Step 4: Edit the first decision node

To set up the first decision node:

  1. Select the first decision node.
  2. For Maximum wait time, select Immediately.
  3. For Condition, select Select condition, then select Present in the selected segment.
  4. Select +Create New.
  5. On the segment editor, drag the Insight data block into the Include box.
  6. Expand the drop-down menu and select CartInsight.
  7. For Contact filter, select Number of, and then add the filter The number of records is greater than or equal to 1.
  8. For Record filters, add two filters:
    • modifieddate occurs today
    • and cartPhase is equal to ORDER_COMPLETE.
  9. Select Okay.

Step 5: Edit the second decision node

To set up the second decision node:

  1. Select the second decision node.
  2. For Maximum wait time, select Immediately.
  3. For Condition, select Select condition, then select Contact data field rule.
  4. Expand the data field drop-down menu and select TELEPHONE.
  5. Expand the rule drop-down menu and select is empty.
  6. Select Apply.


Step 6: Choose an email campaign

Choose an email campaign to send if your contact doesn’t have a mobile number. To choose an email campaign:

  1. Select the Campaign block.
  2. Select Select Campaign and choose the abandoned campaign you want to use.
    You campaign must use an abandoned cart block to display the cart contents. To learn more, check out our article Add abandoned cart details to your campaign.
  3. Select Apply.

Step 7: Set up the SMS node

Next you set up you SMS message content and settings. To set up the SMS node:

  1. Select the SMS node.
  2. In the Message box, enter your abandoned cart message.
  3. For Expire after, choose a time you would like your SMS to expire after if undelivered.
  4. Select Apply.

That's it! Your contacts exit the program once they reach the End node.

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