Check a segment against the Global Suppression List

Learn how to compare and revise your segments against the global suppression list.


The Global Suppression List (GSL) is a collection of known bad email addresses and domains, including ISP spam complainants.

You can use the GSL to revise your entire contact list by comparing your list of contacts against it. We'll automatically remove any problematic addresses known to us, cutting down on the number of complaints you might otherwise receive. This does not clean all problems from your list. A good list acquisition is still key.

Check a segment against the Global Suppression List

To compare and revise your segment against the Global Suppression List:

  1. Go to Email > Contacts > Segments.
  2. Select the check box for the segment you want to compare.
  3. Expand the MORE ACTIONS menu, and select Check selected contacts against Global Suppression List.
  4. All of your contacts are compared to the Global Suppression List and, once complete, you see a report.
    suppression-report.pngThe report shows the number of contacts found against the Global Suppression List and for what reason.
    To learn more about the definitions, check out the Report definitions.
  5. Clear the check boxes for any groups of contacts you don't want to suppress.
  6. Select Yes. The selected groups will be unsubscribed. These contacts then appear on your suppressed contacts list.
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