Add contacts to your account: overview

Learn about the different ways you can add email contacts to your account, and the implications of single or bulk contact import methods.


It’s possible to add contacts to your account either individually (single contact addition), or many at a time (bulk contact import). There are several methods for each of these options. How you choose to create new contacts can also affect other account settings and features.

Single contact additions

A single contact addition is any process whereby contacts are added into your account one at a time. The following methods are single contact additions:

Bulk imports

A bulk contact import is a process which involves adding multiple contacts to your account simultaneously. The following methods involve a bulk contact import action:

Compare bulk and single contact additions

The main difference between single and bulk contact additions is, of course, whether you create just one contact or many contacts as a result of the process. A more subtle difference is that the method you use to add contacts to your account can have an effect on some of the other features available in the platform. In particular, double opt-in and address book join actions:

Single contact addition Bulk contact import
✔️ Triggers address book join actions ❌ Does not trigger address book join actions
✔️ Triggers a double opt-in email when regulatory settings are set to Enforce double opt-in for signups from signup forms and some API methods only (default). ✔️ Triggers a double opt-in email when regulatory settings are set to Enforce double opt-in for all signups, including bulk uploads.

A note about suppressed contacts

Attempting to import suppressed contacts in bulk does not trigger a resubscribe email, and the import of these contacts will not be successful. Suppressed contacts added back into the account through a single contact addition are sent a resubscribe email, and are added back into your account if they confirm their wish to resubscribe.

To learn more, check out the article Resubscribe a contact.

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