Date splits in programs

Create a split in your marketing automation program based on date and time.

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The Date split node is used to create a split in your marketing automation program based on date and time.

This is useful, for example, if your program's campaigns' content contains information promoting a sale or a conference you're holding, then you can send contacts down different routes before and after the closing date for the sale, or before and after the last booking date for the conference.


This means your contacts go down a different route once they reach the date split after the set date and time has passed. It ensures contacts still in the program are sent different, relevant campaign content rather than receiving outdated content about a sale that's expired or an event that's in the past!

Configure a date split in a program

Drag and drop a date split node from the side panel onto the canvas, making sure it attaches to a previous node.

Select the delay node to set the length of the delay. A panel slides in from the right side of the screen.


Select the date and time you'd like to set for the split and then select APPLY.

The Date split node is set.

Next, you need to ensure the Before and After connectors are attached to the subsequent nodes you want your contacts to progress to.

In our example at the top of the page, contacts passing through the date split node before 23:59 on 04 Jan proceed down the Before route, receiving the campaign to book their place for the New Year conference. Contacts passing through the node after 23:59 on 04 Jan are sent the campaign to book their place for the following Spring 2015 conference, as the last booking date of 04 Jan has passed.

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