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Create triggered daily or weekly email campaigns using the program builder
Create triggered daily or weekly email campaigns using the program builder

Send automated daily or weekly update campaigns to your contacts with programs.

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If you're looking to send something such as an automated daily or weekly update campaign to your contacts, then you can do so with the program builder.

Assuming you're not trying to do anything too complicated, the structure of it can be fairly straightforward - featuring just three key steps.

For example:

  • Start - Enrol all relevant contacts every day at 12:00.

  • Campaign - Send a daily update campaign.

  • End - Contacts exit the program, ready to be enrolled into it again tomorrow.

Top tip

Sending the same campaign to contacts every day or week may seem like an odd practice, but this is quite valid if you're using an external source to populate the content.

Populating a campaign from an external source could be done by using either:

  • External dynamic content - which requires a web developer to produce the content for you.

  • RSS feeds - which can be done using EasyEditor, but you need to have an active enough RSS feed to be sure the same content isn't coming in every day. You can set RSS feeds to refresh on each send of a campaign, ensuring this content is always up to date.

Configure the start node

In the start node, you have three settings:

1. Enrolment scheduling

You're likely to want to select enrol Daily and for it to be set at the same time every day, or Weekly and set the days of the week you want enrolment and sending to happen on.

For example, if you select each of the days Monday through to Friday, your campaign is sent every weekday and not at the weekend.

2. Enrolment rule

Create a segment that includes all of the contacts that you want to send the campaign to.

3. Enrolment limits

There are three enrolment limit options:

  • Enrol contacts in the program only on the first time they meet the start criteria

    For example, you might use this option in an automated customer lifecycle program that kicks in when they've made their third purchase. We select this automatically if you create a program using a segment rule because we don't want you to accidentally trigger this program every day ad infinitum to the same contacts.

  • Re-enrol contacts on the program every day they meet the start criteria

    For example, for a birthday or contract renewal program. We select this automatically if you create a program using the standard automate from a date contact data field rule because people only enrol again if their contact data field is updated or if it's an anniversary rule. You can also use this to automate the same actions every day (or week) to a given list.

  • Re-enrol contacts on the program if the meet the start criteria, but not if they have been enrolled in the last X days
    You can enrol contacts in the program more than once, but only after a set delay time from their last enrolment. This is perhaps best for a re-engagement program.

Once you’ve configured your Start node, select Apply. Add a campaign node with the campaign you want to send, add an end node, activate your program, and you’re all set.

Your program will send a daily or weekly campaign at the scheduled time to all of the contacts identified by your start rule.

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