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Create a triggered email campaign
Create a triggered email campaign

Automatically send tailored messages to new contacts, responders, and within automated programs.

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A triggered campaign is a campaign used as part of an automated action.

Example ways you can use a triggered email campaign:

  • Automatically send a campaign to contacts who join one of your lists.

  • Send an autoresponder to anyone who replies to one of your email campaigns.

  • Send a campaign through a campaign node in an automated program.

Once you have set a campaign’s type to Triggered, you can create and edit the campaign in EasyEditor in the same way as you would a standard campaign. Any changes you make to a triggered campaign are active from the time you save the changes — meaning your contacts begin to see the updated version from the next campaign sent.

Create an automated campaign

There are two ways that you can create a triggered campaign:

In the Automation area

  1. Go to Automation > Triggered email.

  2. Select ADD NEW.

  3. Continue with creating your campaign in the usual way.

Your new campaign is automatically set as triggered, and there's nothing extra you need to do.

You can check this once you reach the Create step of the campaign-building process. To see the campaign type, select CAMPAIGN SETTINGS in the top right.

During campaign creation

  1. Go to Campaigns and select the Email quick-create icon.

  2. Select NEW CAMPAIGN.

  3. Select your template and enter a name, then select CONTINUE.

  4. Select CAMPAIGN SETTINGS in the top right.

  5. For Type, select TRIGGERED.

  6. Select APPLY.

  7. Select SAVE or SAVE & CONTINUE.

Campaign tags

To differentiate triggered campaigns from standard ones, you can use Campaign tags to identify and categorise them based on their purpose or type, such as Welcome emails or Form submission confirmations. This allows you to efficiently filter reports and list views.

View your triggered campaigns

To view your triggered campaigns, you must go to Automation > Triggered email.

The Email campaigns list under Campaigns > Email is only for standard campaigns.

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