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Enhance your page design with relevant imagery.

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There are three types of image blocks:

  • Image block
    Adds an image to your email design. Each image block displays one image.

  • Image & text
    Displays the image on the left-hand side with the text on the right-hand side.

  • Text & image block
    Displays the text on the left-hand side with the image on the right-hand side.


Before you start

Things you need to know:

Add an image to your pages and forms

  1. On EasyEditor, expand the Building blocks accordion menu.

  2. Drag either the Image, Image & text, or Text & image block onto the canvas.

  3. Select the image block, and drag an image from the image menu into the block.

  4. If you’re using an image with text, select the text box, and enter your text.

That’s it! Continue editing your survey, page, or form.

If you'd like to edit your image further or overlay text, check out the article Use the image manager.

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