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Create, view, and edit
Create a pageEffortlessly create landing pages with our drag-and-drop EasyEditor, with no HTML knowledge required.
Create a survey or formCreate engaging forms and surveys to collect valuable information from your audience.
Preview a survey, page, or formSpot any issues or improvements needed before publishing your survey, page or form to your audience.
Edit a survey, page or formOnce you've published your surveys, pages and forms, you can come back to them and make edits at any time.
Search for a page or formQuickly find your surveys, pages and forms.
Design a survey, page, or form with EasyEditorSurveys, pages, and forms have fewer limitations than email campaigns when it comes to some features of their design and functionality.
Add a background image to a page or formEmphasise your branding and make your pages memorable.
Layout: Add columnsArrange your content exactly how you want it.
Layout: Add a spacerAdd spaces to your survey, page, or form layout to space any content that needs more room.
WinstonAI: Rewrite assistant for Surveys, pages, and formsCheck for errors in your Survey, pages, and forms writing with WinstonAI.

Content: Add textUse a Title, Subtitle, Section title, or Text block to add titles and paragraph text to your survey, page, or form design.
Content: Add an imageEnhance your page design with relevant imagery.
Content: Add a buttonUse a Button block to add a call to action button.
Content: Add a PayPal buy now buttonYou can add PayPal buttons to your pages and forms to take your contacts directly through to the PayPal checkout.
Content: Add a videoAdd video thumbnails to your surveys, pages, and forms.
Tools: Add social network sharing linksAllow your contacts to share your page through their social networks.
Tools: Add social network profile linksEncourage your contacts to follow, like, or connect with you.
Tools: Add a countdown timerA countdown is excellent for competitions, limited time offers and promotions, or if you're launching a new product or service.
Tools: Add a product from your catalogShowcase, promote, and sell your ecommerce products stored in your AccountInsight.
Tools: Hide content before or after a specified timePromote a time-limited sale on your page, or entry into a competition that has a definitive start and finish date.
Tools: Show or hide content based on a contact’s locationPersonalise your page based on where the viewer is accessing it from.
Form: Add a question with a text boxAdd a question and an answer block that your respondents can use to submit information.
Form: Add a question with drop-down answer optionsOur form blocks are great for getting survey-based information from your page and form visitors.
Form: Add a multiple choice questionIf you want to give your visitors the option to answer one question from many, then the Multiple choice block is a good solution.
Form: Add a question with a checkbox listIf you want to give your visitors the option to answer one question from many, then the Checkbox list block is a good solution.
Form: Add an opinion scaleThe Opinion Scale is a great way to let your contacts reveal their feelings on a numbered scale.
Form: Add a question with date and time answer boxLet your user add a date and time response to a question. For example, you could use this on a booking form.
Form: Add a consent check boxThe consent block helps demonstrate consent for privacy regulations, such as the EU's GDPR and CASL.
Form: Collect hidden values from the query string of a page or formThe Hidden value element lets you collect a value in your responses that we take from the query string in your form's URL.
Form: Group form inputs together with a field groupDivide separate sections of your form.
Form: Use sections to create multipage formsShow or hide questions based on your contacts’ responses; this allows you to create branching forms.
Form: Add a progress bar to your pages and formsShow your users their progress through a form.
Form: Add action buttons to your pages and formsThe Action buttons block automatically adds action buttons to any of your pages and forms that contain forms elements.
Form: Add marketing preferences checkboxesIf you're creating a personalised signup form, you can use the Preferences block to add marketing preferences as checkboxes on your form.
Form: Add a confirmation page or URLUse the confirmation block to either redirect to a URL or to a page when a user submits the form elements on your page or form.
Assign data fields to your form blocksAdd respondents that reply to your questions as new contacts, or update and improve data for your existing contacts.