Outbound SMS messages

View all the outbound messages you sent, when you sent them, and who you sent them to.

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Use the outbound messages report to see all the single sends and campaign sends you have sent from your account.

View the outbound messages report

To view your outbound messages:

  1. Go to Analytics > Reports.

  2. Expand the MORE REPORTS dropdown menu and select SMS.

  3. Select Outbound messages.

Understand the outbound messages report

All your outbound messages are listed on the outbound messages report. By default, we display the following columns in the report table:



Date sent

The date you sent the message.

Mobile number

The mobile number you sent the message to.

Sent from

The From name used for sending the message.


The content of the message. If the message is longer than the displayed content, hover over the message to reveal the full text.


The number of message segments used.


The name of the SMS campaign.


The send status of the message.


The destination country of the message.

You can also select any number of your contact data fields to display in the table.

Set the date range

Select DATE RANGE in the top right, and choose a time frame for the messages you want see.

Add or remove information from the outbound message view

  1. Select DISPLAY in the top right.

  2. In the Table display settings side panel, select or clear the check boxes to add or remove information from the table.

    You can select from any of your contact data fields, as well as

    • Select all

    • Date sent

    • Mobile number

    • Sent from

    • Message

    • Segments

    • Campaign

    • Status

    • Country

  3. Select APPLY.
    Your selections here also apply to exports of this data.

Search by mobile number

To search by mobile number:

  1. Select the Mobile number box at the top of the table.

  2. Enter the mobile number you want to search for.

  3. Select the magnifying glass icon, or, on your keyboard, select Enter.

Export your outbound SMS messages

To export data about outbound SMS messages:

  1. Expand the EXPORT drop-down menu at the top of the table.

  2. Select Export all.

You’re taken to the Exports page. Once the file has finished processing, select Download. If you want to download the file at a later time:

  1. Expand the User menu and go to Account management > General > Exports.

  2. Select Download for the file you want.
    Exported files are kept for 30 days.

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