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Track the performance of your accounts, channels, and commerce.

Email reporting overviewUse Email reporting to see information about the performance of your sent campaigns.
Email reports tableLearn how to view and use the email reports table.
Email dashboardUse and understand the data you see in your Email dashboard.
Email reportView the reporting for a single email campaign.
Filter non-human activity from your email campaign reportsFilter any non-human opens and clicks from your campaign reports.
Emails skipped reportView all of the contacts who were skipped and didn't receive the campaign.
Hard bounces reportUse the Hard bounces report to see all of the contacts who couldn't be delivered to due to a hard bounce.
Soft bounces reportUse the soft bounces report to see all of the contacts that couldn't be delivered to due to a soft bounce.
View the unsubscribes report of an email campaignUse the unsubscribes report to see how many users unsubscribed from your lists through an email campaign.
Using the Link hotspot reportThe Link hotspot report lets you see interaction with the links in your campaigns.
Map of openers reportView a visual overview of where your contacts are opening your emails.
Email client breakdown reportUse the Email client breakdown report for your campaigns.
Most engaged reportView a list of recipients who meet a certain minimum engagement with your campaign.
Social network views reportView the total number of views generated by your campaign when posted by contacts on social networking sites.
Email campaign revenue reportAll converted orders that we consider were placed as a result of an email campaign.
Replies reportView and export replies to your email campaigns.
Page views reportView activity on your site as recipients click through from your campaign.
Unique clickers reportUse the Unique clickers report in your email campaign reporting.
Non-openers reportUse the non-openers report to see all the contacts who didn't open a campaign.
Unique openers reportThe unique openers report shows the number of campaigns that we tracked and registered as being opened by recipients.
Emails sent reportFind, use, and understand the Emails sent report.
Understand email report percentagesLearn how we calculate the percentages you see in your email reports.
More reports for campaigns: quick referenceA list of the available email campaign reports.
Schedule sending up-to-date email reportsSchedule up to 25 email addresses to automatically receive up-to-date reports.
Export data from email reportsExport the data from your email reports as a CSV file to store
Compare the performance of multiple campaignsUse the performance comparison overview to generate a visual comparison of your campaigns’ performance.
Filter contacts in email reportsSee data for specific contacts in an email report.