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Turn on double opt-in for BigCommerce subscribers
Turn on double opt-in for BigCommerce subscribers

Ensure you have consent to send your marketing campaigns to your BigCommerce subscribers.

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In order to protect your sender reputation, and help prevent malicious sign-ups, you should get permission from your contacts before sending them any email marketing campaigns. In many places, this is required by law.

When you turn on double opt-in for your Big Commerce subscribers, we send them an email to confirm their willingness to receive email marketing campaigns from you. These contacts’ email addresses stay in a pending state until they verify that they want to opt-in.

Enable double opt-in

  1. In Dotdigital, go to Connect and select the BigCommerce tile under Installed integrations and extensions.

  2. Under the heading Contacts, for Enforce double opt-in for subscribers, select YES.


  3. Select SAVE.

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