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Turn on double opt-in for Shopline subscribers
Turn on double opt-in for Shopline subscribers

Ensure you have consent to send your marketing campaigns to your subscribers.

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In most cases, with marketing emails, senders must get permission from their contacts before sending any marketing campaigns to them. Around the world, many countries and regions require this by law.

When you turn on double opt-in for your Shopline store subscribers, we'll send your subscribers an email to confirm their willingness to join your marketing lists. You can then be confident you're sending campaigns to valid, monitored, consenting email addresses.

Learn more about the various opt-in types in Contact opt-in types.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • We advise you to disable Shopline's own double opt-in process before you enable the Dotdigital double opt-in feature.

  • If you turn this feature on, any time you change a subscriber's Subscribe customer to emails status in Shopline, it automatically sends Double opt-in confirmation emails from your Dotdigital account.

Enable double opt-in

  1. In Dotdigital, go to Connect.

  2. Under Installed integrations and extensions, select the Shopline tile.

  3. Under the heading Contacts, for Enforce double opt-in for subscribers, select YES.

  4. Select SAVE.

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