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Set up an abandoned cart program in Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce
Set up an abandoned cart program in Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce

Automatically send your abandoned cart messages to your store's customers.

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The Abandoned cart program functionality is set up and configured directly within the interface of the connector, and you can choose to enrol customers and guests. The abandoned cart program is similar to the Email Series functionality, but provides a greater level of flexibility and customisation.

Learn more about the abandoned cart Email Series in Get started with Abandoned cart in Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce.

You can use the Program builder to its fullest capabilities to tailor abandoned cart journeys to fit your business needs. It’s possible to send different types of content based on, for example, the price of a cart, the products chosen or even a contact's previous interactions with your campaigns.

When customers or guests add products to their cart and then abandon the purchase, their cart information is automatically imported to Dotdigital. This is stored as CartInsight data against the contact. This data can then be used within automated campaigns to display the cart content by using the abandoned cart building block within EasyEditor. If your account instance has more than one website, you can configure different emails and settings for each one.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • This feature is only available for Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce and requires connector version 3.2.0 and above.

  • To check your connector version, in your account, go to Reports > Dashboard.

    To find the connector files, go to our GitHub repository.

Watch the video

Some information in this video has changed. We are working on updating the video, but in the meantime, use the article for accurate navigation instructions.

1. Create an abandoned cart email

Your abandoned cart program needs to contain at least one abandoned cart email containing the latest contents of a visitor’s cart. This content is added to your campaign by using the abandoned cart building block.

2. Create an abandoned cart program

Contacts are enrolled into an abandoned cart program when they abandon a cart while browsing your site. They are enrolled based on the timing set inside your account settings. Once they have been enrolled, contacts may wait up to 15 minutes before continuing their journey through the program.

If you are new to programs, we suggest that you watch the Automation training videos or review the Program builder section of the Help Centre.

Set up Exclusion Rules

In order to test your abandoned cart program once you have created and activated it, you can add Exclusion Rules to the connector settings to prevent visitors from being enrolled unless the conditions are met.

The Create an abandoned cart program article lists an alternative method of testing through Dotdigital only.

  1. In your account go to Marketing > Exclusion Rules.

  2. Select Add New Rule and then select your type and websites.

  3. Select Save.

  4. Go to Conditions and select the combination match. If you are using multiple lines choose ANY instead of ALL.

  5. Expand the Attribute drop-down menu and select Email.

  6. Expand the Condition drop-down menu and select IS NOT.

  7. Enter the email address that should receive the abandoned cart email into the Value field.

    This prevents emails being sent to any visitor but the email address listed in that field.

3. Enable the abandoned cart program

The program can be mapped and enabled from the store's connector settings:

  1. In your account, go to STORES > Configuration > Dotdigital > Abandoned Carts > Abandoned Cart Program.

  2. Expand the Enrol abandoned cart to drop-down menu and select your abandoned cart program.

    Only programs in an Active state are listed. If you don’t see your program, check that it is activated in Dotdigital.

  3. Expand the Enrol abandoned cart after drop-down menu and select the time frame you want to wait once a cart is abandoned before a contact is enrolled on to the program.

    15 minutes is the minimum and 12 hours is the maximum.

  4. Select Save.

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